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Always Grafted on Fortuniana Rootstock


All rose bushes purchased from this website will be in 1 gallon pots and will be shipped directly to you from Nelson's Florida Roses in Apopka, FL. Our minimum order for retail shipping is 4 roses. All orders ship via FedEx and are typically overnight in the state of Florida. Due to higher wholesale volume during the Spring months we may hold on shipping for a week - you will be notified via email if this is the case.

When you receive your roses in the 1 gallon pots, we advise that you step them up to larger pots for about 1-2 months OR plant them in the ground right away. Do NOT leave them in the pots they come in.

If you choose to pot them up, make sure the pot you chose has good drainage. When you put them in the larger pots, mix with Osmocote. When potting, put soil at same height it was in 1 gallon pot, no mounding of soil etc. Make sure they stay staked and the stake is sturdy. You may need to re-stake when you plant in the ground (depending on how much taller the bush has grown). Until the roses are in the ground you will need to water daily.

Once you plant your roses in the ground, follow FAQ sheet guidelines - which will be emailed to you before your shipment arrives.

Since we sell our roses wholesale in large quantities, some roses may become unavailable before we can update the inventory online. We will try and update inventory weekly but in the event that we are out of a rose you order, we will call you and offer substitutions!

Enjoy your roses and please feel free to contact us at nelsonroses@gmail.com if you have any further questions!